Pricing & Options

Construction Constants

The prices listed below included the following construction constants: 4x4 Skids, 2x6 Pressure Treated Floor Joists, 3/4 T&G TruFloor, 2x4 studs, 2x4 or 2x6 Rafters, 8' Sidewalls, LP Smart Siding, All 24 OC Construction, 15w Tar Paper, 3-Tab Charcoal Shingles, 1 Custom Barn Door.

Additional options and upgrades are listed below. Most option prices vary depending on the size of the building.

Building Options

Drip Edge


Ridge vent


Aesthetic soffit and Fascia


OSB wrap and moisture barrier


Moisture barrier under the subfloor


Moisture barrier on studded walls


Horizontal siding


16 inch on center construction-


Debris Removal


Architectural Shingles